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How to play the crazyparking game online car king 3D game 2021 of HTML games. Challenge your parking skills! However, it's not normal parking. Players need to crash other cars to get more scores. If the other cars are in a wreck, players can get more scores. That's why we call them crazy games. There are several fancy sports cars for choices. During the parking game, players need to control the correct angle. So this fancy car can hit more other cars to earn scores before it can park in the expected area. Players can move to a higher level if they can get enough scores at this level. Enjoy more free

How to Play Crazy Parking

Moving: Pull the arrow of the car into a suitable angle to move the fancy car.

Earning more scores: Try to let the fancy cars hit other cars when moving, then the score increased.


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Yup, all of us need to obey some social rules in our daily life, and we have to do that for safety. It is rare to experience what crazy is in normal life. Parking, for example, we have to stop our car in the right place, according to our traffic rules. But you will experience the crazyparking, one of the most popular HTML games on Release your pressure in this crazy game. Don't hesitate to make yourself happy and relaxed.
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