The Maya Game

Match Maya should quickly become one of your favorite floating ball shooting games online if you are a fan of Match 3 games. So embark on this adventure and go on a Maya treasure hunt! As in most of the combination games, we do believe you must love this game.

How to Play The Maya Game

Check the color of the coming ball on the top,

Tap the position where you want the ball to fall off,

The balls with the same color could eliminate.


Web Browser(PC & Tablet & Mobile)

The ball game is a ritual sport that was practiced by the pre-Columbian peoples for more than three millennia. It is also known as the ball game or Umali. Equipped with a rubber ball that can weigh up to more than 3 Kg, two teams compete by sending each other the ball by striking it using the hips, the elbows of the buttocks, or the knees, the use of the hands, and feet is prohibited. The goal is to return the ball without touching the ground. With each foul, that is, ball touching the ground or use of a prohibited game, the team at fault loses one point and the other team wins one. The goal is to reach a number of points defined in advance. Some fields had rings, the game could end in the extremely rare case, or one of the teams managed to pass the ball through the ring of the opposing team.
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