Aliens Attack

Play free shooting games Aliens Attack, experience the real battlefield there! The rule is simple: Each character has a weapon. shoot the aliens. Shoot more aliens, get the higher scores. As one of the most intense html5 games unblocked, Alien Attack is famous for its fast shooting weapon on the real battlefield. You can see many holes on the ground because of the shooting war, and earthbags, and the walls. You must have a great exciting experience at this game Aliens Attack.

How to Play Aliens Attack

Tap the screen to move your position,

Escape from the attack from the aliens.


Web Browser(PC & Tablet & Mobile)

Experience online shooting games at html5 browser games. When opening this game image, players can see a real battlefield. A big group of aliens is coming and ready to shoot you. Moreover, there are several types of aliens with different progress. Yeah, it's easy to shoot them, just tap the screen and move the position. However, the difficulty is how to escape from the attack of an alien at the same time. Once they shoot you in the body, game over. So, do not careless. Don't worry about the access to this game, all html5 games are unblocked at  Come and challenge yourself!
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