3D Bottle Shooter

In the free shooting games unblocked, you are a shooting enthusiast. Now you are struggling with a daunting challenge-3D Bottle Shooter. There are three bottles. Players have to click to move and aim at the bottles accurately. Once releasing the right click, the bullet will shoot the bottle. Take care, the process is not that easy cause some bottles will move around. How to aim and shoot a moving bottle? Players only have 60 seconds. If players take a longer time, then they will get lower scores. A perfect score is supportive for players to reach the following level. When you read these rules, you will know it is a crazy shooting game. How do you define crazy games? They must contain some shooting process, explosion, and the time is short.  Let's try out these crazy shooters 2 at HTML  games!

How to Play 3D Bottle Shooter

Ready to shoot: Do the right click on the mouse.

Aiming at the bottles: Hold and move the cursor to close to the body of the bottle.

Shooting: Once release the right click, the bullet will shoot the bottle.


Web browser(PC & Tablet & Mobile)

As a fan of HTML games, I like 3D Bottle Shooter because It is full of the excitement from crazy games or shooting games unblocked. When you enter this 3D game space, you will see the mountains, trees, and triangle houses. According to the experience of other shooting games, the first thing you need to do is adjusting the direction that gun will shoot, then shoot the target. For the stationary object, aiming at the target is easy. But for the moving bottles, you need to confirm the best point that the gun will shoot. The method is different from aiming at the stationary object, you can't aiming at the center of the bottle. You need to think of the moving time and position. How will do it? We are expecting your performance!
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