Top 10 Best Fighting Games for Android in 2021

Fighting Games for Android have tumbled to the wayside on the most recent consoles (and less said about the condition of arcades would be ideal), yet for quite a while, Fighting Games Online ruled in the computer game world. They were regularly the milestone where gamer flaunted their abilities in arcade competitions or crouched around a TV with their best buddies. Luckily, the Fighting Games for PC genre is still all-around addressed on cell phones, with an extraordinary blend of ports and unique titles to fulfill fanatics of fisticuffs. Hopefully, we see more ports of classic Fighting Games Download for PC, yet up to that point, enjoy these extraordinary contenders.

Best Fighting Games for Android

Check Out Top 10 Best Fighting Games for Android in 2021

Shadow Fight Arena

The latest in the Shadow Fight series sees you developing a group of warriors to hit the obscure shudders out of different players throughout the planet. It functions admirably on Android, and there's consistently a battle hanging tight for you. It looks super great as well.


Brawlhalla is shockingly one of the funFighting Games for PC Free Download. It plays a lot as Super Smash Bros. Players play on a small stage with edges where you can tumble off. The different characters have different assaults and capacities, and it truly is the same as Super Smash Bros. Also, the on-screen controls are exceptionally adjustable, and there are a couple of various game modes. This is a decent arcade contender that is loads of fun in short explodes. There are additionally 50 characters, with more coming all the time.


It is a newer fighting game delivered back in 2018, and it includes the brawler components with RPG, arcade, and side-scrolling mechanics in the game. You will choose one out of four characters, gain proficiency with their moves, and afterward, the fight. Each character has an assortment of assaults, so you should get familiar with your character's actions if you need to win the battle. It is free to play.

Kung Fu Do Fighting

Meet Kung Fu Do Fight, another one of the best fighting games for Android. It is a highly energizing game and can be known as a real fighting game. Since in the match, there is no standards, guideline, and positioning. You need to battle to win or to pass on. Dazzling strategies and great interactivity are here to make you addicted soon.

Rowdy City Wrestling

Time to add some strangeness to the rundown. Rowdy City Wrestling doesn't treat pugilism appropriately, rather than tossing in some senseless physics, cumbersome characters, and loads more. It's not shallow, yet you'll fall head over heels for the game surprisingly fast.

Punch Boxing 3D

It is the first of a few boxing match-ups on this rundown. Similarly, as with most boxing match-ups, the ongoing interaction is slower than combo contenders, and you depend more on the blocks and strike moves instead of development. The designs are okay, and the controls appear to work as planned. It's somewhat appalling that your powers are limited to impede and punch, yet that is how it goes sometimes. The sound is likewise quite awful. You can again step up your character by battling at the gym, and there is an assortment of frills you can open.

Real Boxing 2 Rocky

It is a standout amongst other battling games for Android. You will play as the well-known anecdotal fighters like Rocky, Creed, and others. The game highlights excellent illustrations, obviously superior to other Fighting Games for PC on this rundown. In the game, you can challenge different warriors, play more miniature than expected games, fight supervisors, and even make your character. The controls are likewise great, so generally, it is an excellent bundle for individuals who want to enjoy boxing on their cell phones. It is free to play for certain Ads.

Transformers: Forged to Fight

We needed to place a few robots in this rundown, and there are no robots better than the Transformers. This is a robust and engaging warrior that isn't the most unique on the planet, yet did we specify it has Transformers in it?

Real Steel

It is one of those motion pictures which gets you siphoned about robot boxing and makes you pull for the underdog, which isn't pretty much as impressive as the significant class robots. Also, having Hugh Jackman in the lead added to the film's ubiquity. Capitalizing on it, Reliance Games delivered the Real Steel World Robot Boxing. The elements of the game are fantastic. The game feels good woven into the Real Steel world and is addictive.


It is another one of the latest Fighting Games Online. It's a retro-style boxing match-up like those from the SNES time (the 1990's). It highlights straightforward controls, player and ring customization, a movement framework, social highlights, and then some. The designers additionally guarantee online multiplayer eventually. That should hoist a generally better-than-expected insight. This is the best one for fans of retro Fighting Games Download for PC. The in-application buys aren't just about as awful as contenders, either.

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