Top 7 New Open World Games for Android & iOS 2022

Open World Games Upcoming 2022 lets us fly, drive, and sail through extraordinary, borderless conditions. Anybody who is a video game fan knows how much fun it is to play an open-world game. Go out to perform actions, explore the climate, hunt for rewards, go looking for missions. The Open World Action Games PC allows the players to do what they need in an inclusiveenvironment, which is what everybody likes.

The best Open World Action Games for Android and iOS gadgets with good HD Graphics equipped for being played on low and excellent quality cell phones. Open World Games PC is the best kind of game you should play on your phones, such as Android and iOS, that let you settle on your own decisions, move around without doing missions or any side-missions. That is why we love to play these Open World Games on PC, so today, in our rundown, you have discovered a portion of the new Open World mobile games for your Android and iOS gadgets.

Here Are the Top 7 Open World Games Upcoming for Android and iOS 2022


It is a tad of everything. It has the graphics of PUBG and Fortnite and has the gameplay elements of the most compelling zombie survival games. As usual, the game is tied in with battling for yourself in zombie end times where each previous stronghold of development is presently covered with military equipment. It depends on you to support your base safeguards and rummage for a few valuable assets. Best of all, it's likewise an MMORPG, and you can collaborate with different players.

Perfect World Mobile

Who has never played Perfect World in that lan house close to home? Fun times can be remembered today, yet this time on our cell phones! The classic MMORPGs have practically all the embodiment of the first hot game; however, for certain progressions that are applied unequivocally to suit cell phones.

In this game, you enter a dream universe set in Chinese mythology, where combative techniques and supernatural powers go hand in hand. To feel a little sentimentality, recollecting the happy seasons of the lan house with companions, merits having a great again.


To no one's astonishment by now, GRIS is likewise beating out all competitors as one of the most played smartphone games on the planet, with 2+ billion downloads. The best quintessence that GRIS contains is the colours. It could go like a name of an individual, the name of the shading, and begin with high contrast. It makes seamless sense with the main character's inward world. Each one of the mechanics of this game rotates around finding colours and opening colours. It's not only a game; it is, in particular, like making a film.

Captain Tom Galactic Traveler

Not all open-world games android games need to colour inside the same lines. That is why we like to give a voice to little jewels like Captain Tom Galactic Traveler, an excellent platformer where you give life to the planets you explore. Also, your primary mission incorporates recuperating your lost cat, so the game could never have a superior storyline.

ARK: Survival Evolved

Some people need to stay in front of the rest; the award and the fame don't bother them. If this statement drives you, most likely, you will love ARK: Survival Evolved. The HTML 5 Games has solidified itself as probably the most important name in the PC and console ecosystem. The players are combating, one against the other in a dinosaur-ridden world to see who makes due and comes to the highest point of the heap. Not some time back, everybody imagined that the mobile version would appear too ludicrous, yet here we are again.

Project Stars

In Project Stars, you'll make your space explorer jump aboard a space rocket and find different worlds. This is one more of those open-world games in which you'll likewise track down many collectable things. As a matter of fact, on every planet you visit, you'll have the option to launch specific houses and strongholds to alter the various landscapes. The title offers excellent visuals, which will be helpful, as, during the rounds, you might have to shoot weird creatures utilizing any of your weapons.

Gangstar Vegas

If you have played and enjoyed video games like Saints Row and the Grand Theft Auto series, you should give this free alternative on mobile. You can explore utilizing the enormous map of Las Vegas, where the hero is a remarkable new MMA contender that blends with the mafia. As you feature in the most excellent battling match of the year, the crime Lord concludes you let your adversary win. As you win the game, you likewise become the most wanted man in the city. It has an incredible soundtrack, and you should download it.

We hope you'll have a great time and fun playing all the mentioned above open-world run games for both your Android and iOS.

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