Cut Fruit Game Play

Pick up your sword and cut it crazy about the fruit! In the game, the player's task is to cut as much fruit as possible within one minute. A multi-cut fruit will have a score bonus! Come and challenge it!

Each ninja champion should master the blade impeccably. To accomplish specific expertise, they spend quite a while in different training. Today in the new Cut Fruit Game Online, we want to welcome you to participate in one of them yourself. A specific region will be apparent on the screen before you. In this Cut Fruit Game Download, fruits fly out from various sides at different speeds and heights. You should cut them into pieces. To hit with a blade, you should firmly drag over the fruits with your mouse. You will beat with the knife and cut the fruits into pieces.

Know More About this Fruit Cutting Game

In Fruit Cutting Game Online, the player cuts fruits with a blade controlled using the touch screen. As the fruits show up on the screen, the player needs to swipe their finger across the screen to imitate a cutting movement and endeavour to cut the fruits down the middle. Additional points are granted for cutting different fruits with one swipe. In this Fruit Cutting Game Free Download, players should cut all fruits; if three fruits are missed, the game finishes. Bombs incidentally show up on the screen, and the game ends if the player slices them.
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