Flying Hippie helicopters hover over the city, gaining various rewards to avoid dangers and fly as far as possible. Come and challenge your flight distance!

In this Games for Kids, you will play as a hero, the brave 'Hippie Copter,' to fight evil corporate elements in this difficult hindrance evasion and gathering game. Advance relentless through five trouble levels while flying over 'Business City' to perceive the number of points you can score! Players need to Evade File Folders, File Cabinets, Birds, Corporate Executives, Radio Towers,  Corporate Peons, Rocket Ships, Buildings, Fireballs, and much more.

Free online shooting game: hippie copter, update daily at mobile shooting games & PC shooting games, play more shooting game unblock without download to make you enjoy.
You can easily control 'Hippie Copter' by contacting and hauling anyplace on the game screen. Gather Peace Symbols to pick up a one-hit shield called 'Free Love' and points. Moreover, double touch to gather Granola bars to energize 'Blossom Power' and release many pivoting 'Daisy Missiles.' Running into Buildings or Rocket Ships brings about an instant Game Over. The Online Free Games has highlighting Music by Kevin Rush Kornickey of the U4Rea Sound Team. There are No Third-Party Ads, and your kids will love to Play Games Online Free!
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