The little girl's kitchen is preparing a recipe, and the little chef is about to teach everyone how to make a delicious Italian pizza. All you have to do is follow the instructions of the cook, and the delicious pizza will be in front of your eyes. Come and cook with the cook to make delicious Italian pizza!

Play Italian Pizza Cooking Game for Online Free

Italian pizza is part of a series of online cooking video game where you follow Emma to learn recipes. This time, tiramisu, a popular dessert in Italy, is in the spotlight. Like all cooking games with Emma, ​​the recipe for this online cooking video game is vegan, so it's a vegan tiramisu. Animal friends, this recipe is for you! This game for girls is to help Emma choose the ingredients, measure the volumes, mix, cook, cut ... At the end, the recipe is offered to you and it's your turn to prepare the tiramisu in real life, this time. Italian Tiramisu is one of those games that allow you to memorize a recipe and then reproduce it at home. The game, with a cool and enjoyable design, ends when the preparation is ready. see less

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