Out of the Box

If you like games that imply a challenge, then We Bare Bears: Out of the Box game is for you. This one is all about escaping a place that has all sorts of traps and puzzles that have to be solved in order to reveal a door or something. Because you need to think a little before doing anything, the satisfaction when you manage to get to the exit door is even greater.  Anything that implies some mental effort of you will surely keep you entertained more compared to any regular game. But what is even better about this particular one is that it features your favorite animals, more precisely the famous bears. Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear are trapped in a place, and they must find a way out of this bizarre and seemingly abandoned hangar, but how? Help them escape before it is too late!

The three little bears have entered the box factory. There are all kinds of traps and organs waiting for you to take risks and explore. The task of the player is to help the three bears to escape from the box factory and win! Hurry and come to the game to challenge together!

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