Tip Tap

Curved trail and curved corner are two big challenges at the Tip Tap game. Players have to click quickly and correctly to change the direction of the moving car, to avoid it falling off the trail. On the way, players need to collect the balls on two sides of the trail to move to the following level. This makes this game become more difficult. So this is not an easy race game. If you are a game enthusiast, you should have heard of this game as one of the classic crazy games. if you are a rookie driver, you can't travel far. In this challenging game, I don't know how far you can drive on such a narrow and curved road. Tip tap game can show your skill and reflex. Don't worry about a waste of time, all HTML games at games4html5.com are free, without downloading or registering. Come and breakthrough your new record!

How to Play Tip Tap

Tap the screen to change the direction,

Collect the ball at two sides of the trail,

Take care of the turns.


Web Browser(PC & Tablet & Mobile)

Tip Tap is a game of skill where you can check your reflex, tapping skill, and speed. is a minimal, simple, and addictive game of skill where you have to Tap as Fast as you can to score points. How long will you survive? It seems that you are controlling a boat through a steep and narrow road. The biggest challenge is at the turn. Maybe you need to crazy tap to avoid dropping off the cliff. Moreover, there will be one turn after another turn. Well, now you have to say it is really one of the most exciting crazy games
However, Tip Tap is not the end of crazy games. Here at games4html5.com, you will find more free HTML games. It utilizes its local abilities to play a video, and that was a significant element that prohibited Flash from the race. HTML5 is rapidly transforming into an extraordinary game improvement stage. HTML5 is perhaps the ideal decision for making dazzling games with the best quality; there are not many best HTML Games free Downloads in 2020 adored by Users. We collected top of the best free online Free HTML5 Games Unblocked. So, if playing a browser-based game is your hobby, then connect with Game4HTML5.
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