In the game, you need to participate in one battle after another to improve your strength. After each battle, you will get gold coins. Gold coins can be used to improve attributes, skills, and supplies. The difficulty will increase with the level.

Free online html5 games is more and more popular by the development.some peope maybe want to ask the diffience of flash and html5 .that is flash and html5 both of them can be used for developing apps, games or any interactive media. On the surface, HTML5 is aimed to build the web with native support for media streaming services. Whereas Adobe flash was the only technology that enabled the developers to stream media over the internet.
Untamed is the best 10 business strategy game .We hand picked this game between the 150 strategy board games.why it is the winnner,because of a part of our users like this game.and you can play online for free.the most important is that the maker create games with html5 and javascript so this game is unblocked.Try to complete all levels in this fun brain teasing strategy games pc.never give up to be your own hero.
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