Top 10 NFT Games to Play on Android in 2022

NFT Games

There are various ways of bringing in cash in the digital space however nothing has been more engaging and simpler than blockchain-based NFT Games. In NFT Revolution, everyone can make a colossal measure of cash simply by playing their loved Best NFT Games by executing the core of NFTs to it. Many individuals accept they are the next big thing in the cryptocurrency industry. This is the place where a great many people are investing their money, and 2022 will be a major year for NFT gaming and cryptography overall.

Upcoming NFT Games are growing across the world as numerous users keep on embracing blockchain innovation. For gamers who need to acquire while playing, they could investigate the universe of non-fungible tokens to get everything rolling.

So, What Are NFT Games?

These kinds of NFT Video games are worked with a blockchain network and the in-game resources of the game are addressed as NFTs. The players play the NFT Game and complete levels or win fights, anything accomplishments that are customized for a game are finished, the players will get NFTs or they can get them in the NFT Game free. These NFTs are exchanged over secondary marketplaces and are liquidated.

Generally, blockchain games are promptly open through various gadgets like PCs and cell phones. To limit it down, we will discuss later will explicitly handle the Android NFT Games that we can play on Android devices.

To hop immediately in this article, here are the best Upcoming New NFT Games 2022 that you can play on Android devices.

Here Are Top 10 NFT Games to Play on Android in 2022

Town Star

Town Star is a serious cultivating Top Free NFT Game from one of the prime supporters of Zynga, the organization behind Farmville. Every week, the top players on the leaderboard win huge prizes, and consistently, players complete difficulties to open and gather TownCoin play-to-acquire rewards! The objective is to develop, accumulate and create your approach to building the most proficient and useful town possible.


Sorare is a vivid football match-up that permits users to buy, sell and deal with a completely virtual group.

The players are addressed as digital cards based on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can bring progressively cash in one or the other money or crypto by partaking in different contests as well as by building a group utilizing football player cards.


Illuvium is an open-world RPG adventure game based on the Ethereum Blockchain with a play-to-earn structure wherein users can procure in-game prizes. Because of the coordination with Immutable X, players can partake in another period of NFTs. You get to zero gas charges, distributed stamping, and get moment exchanges, all while you safely keep up with the care of your resources.


One more NFT game based on Ethereum Blockchain, CryptoKitties permits players to purchase, exchange, raise and breed cats to make appropriate qualities which are special ERC-20 tokens. Players are likewise qualified to sell CryptoKitties on OpenSea to procure critical income.


"Upland is tied in with purchasing, selling, and exchanging virtual properties attached to a real address.

Above all, you can make companions inside this NFT game as you build your dream house and business. You can likewise procure UPX coins by selling NFT foundations here.

Merge Cats

Play the regular crypto games and complete missions to acquire blockchain tokens in the crypto game! Get awards for accomplishments as you progress. Get a free box with things like clockwork. From the box, you can get digital money and cards with which you can make super kitties. Everybody gets an opportunity to win blockchain prizes in the crypto game.


Splinterlands is one of the Best NFT Games for Android. The accompanying organization is Splinterlands, which offers NFT gaming solutions based on card games.

This NFT-based card game is for people who are burnt out on games that require huge financial investment to play.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the most grounded early Pokémon style games that has been made on the Ethereum blockchain.

With continuous updates and a developing player base, this one has advanced into a solid competitor moving into 2021 and then some. Gigantic ventures are being made in Axie grounds, and spiritualist axies are selling for a great many dollars.

Along with The Gods

Get True Ownership of Along with The Gods Items! Upgrade and captivate your thing with your work and acquire additional value from it. Strong activity with Heroes of 5 Classes! Make a group of Heroes with various Classes. Every Hero has interesting attributes, abilities and extraordinary capacities. Appreciate exciting fights between strong Heroes!

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a Play-to-Earn virtual metaverse, where users can claim land, mess around or even form their own game. Add to the virtual world as an authority, craftsman or game decider, or experience the various games as an ordinary player.


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