How to play online cool math game cross the bridge

Only one or two characters allow you to Cross The Bridge Online Game at the same time and overcome obstacles. If a pair of characters cross the bridge they must walk together with the same speed of the slower character. All characters must use an oil lamp to cross the bridge The oil lamp only can last for 30 seconds.

Cross the Bridge is one of the most fun Online Free Games developed on HTML5 software. Players can easily understand the game, but it is tough to master because it requires math calculation to bridge. It is easily accessible and available for free gameplay. The game includes excellent graphics and very popular among various Games for Kids. On the Game4HTML5, you can also Play Games Online Free.

In this game, you need to help the robot to cross the bridge. It is an adorable game, documenting the tribulations and trials of a charming yet inept robot. All you have to do is make a bridge to the proper length, then let the robot cross it. Moreover, along your journey, you will get a chance to collect coins by which you can buy power-ups, like a balloon rescue and smart building. All in all, it has a beautiful theme and background music alongside a great tutorial to learn before its start.

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