Online Cool Math Game Cross the Bridge

Cross the Bridge is one of the most popular crazy games developed on HTML games. It is easily accessible and available for free gameplay. The game includes excellent graphics and very popular among various Games for Kids. On the Game4HTML5, you can also Play HTML games for Free.

Players can easily understand the game, but it is tough to master because it requires math calculation to bridge. Players have to help the little bot to walk from the rooftop to the rooftop. The wooden bridge is this bot's only tool. It needs to calculate the distance between the rooftops. The end of the bridge must be on the rooftop, otherwise, it would fall off if the bridge is too short or too long. Too short means the bridge can't reach the next rooftop, and too long means the end of the bridge is longer than the width of the next rooftop. Click the "play" button to see how many rooftops you can walk on!

How to Play Cross the Bridge

  • Calculating the distance between the rooftops.
  • Building the bridge: Press the right-click and hold to extend the wooden bridge.
  • Earning the golden coins: Tap to flip.
  • Reviving: 5 golden coins can help the little rots to continue this game.


Web Browser(PC & Tablet & Mobile)

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