Free Online Arcade Games for Android Chimps Ahoy

In this Android Chimps Ahoy game, the territory of the pirate monkey was occupied by the evil orangutan, and in order to recapture the lost territory, an adventure journey began. This beautifully crafted H5 game is a rare encounter, coupled with a wealth of game content, which has made players completely unable to stop. In the game, players can unlock new skills and new monkeys by upgrading their monkey skills, regain more territory to get more banana resources, and quickly come to the game to experience the thrill of regaining lost ground!

How to Play

Sailing: Check the route on the map firstly. Do the right-click to draw the route, and then release. Finally, the boat starts to sail.

Fighting: On the way of rescuing other villages, there are evil orangutan's boats. Keep them away to avoid fighting.


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Go on Adventure by Playing Chimps Ahoy Arcade Games for Android

If you love playing nonstop ongoing arcade games for android? Then try out Chimps Ahoy; it is a new edition from award-winning handheld engineer Griptonite Games. Players will find it a quick, enraged, and entertaining block-breaking game with an exciting turn. It is a charming version of Breakout, which is easily played on Android. It has incredible unique fine art and extraordinary music that will engage all ages. An imaginative blend of Pong, Brick breaker, and pirate monkeys that is probably going to throw coconuts on adversaries that make it your new most loved relaxation action." Players can play it using the multi-contact display to bounce coconuts back and forth between the chimps, breaking blocks, gathering treasure, getting catalysts, and taking out adversaries in the way.

How to Play Chimps Ahoy?

With a pirate group of monkeys, players will go via the ocean and battle with unfair rulers who mistreat their people. In the game Chimps Ahoy, you will have an exceptional experience with this bold group of pirates. Calling the map, you will see the course of our development. At the point when players will approach the city, an attack will start. From the lower part of the board, you will come the deck of your warriors and send them to battle close by to-hand action if players can even shoot a gun. After the catch of the city, you will have the option to recruit new contenders, improve weapons, and fix the boat. The caught city will have your banner. You will go further, yet if the city is assaulted, you should return and protect it.

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