The mini version of the car is about to depart, and how fun it is to drive a mini-racing car on the road to a speeding car. In the game, the player controls the car's trajectory by controlling the car to drive left and right and accelerate the deceleration. Avoid driving safely and get high scores!

How to play car racing game mini racer

Let the competition begin with car racing game mini racer! Be ahead of your competitors, customize your car and use missiles and mines! Defeat your opponents and take a look around the store to spend the money you've earned on upgrades. Use the arrow keys to steer, accelerate or go back, the space bar to fire missiles, C to drop bombs, R to start again and Shift for vision in the interior mirror.

More detail:LEFT click on START GAME then NORMAL and CONTINUE to start the game. LEFT click on the yellow tabs and on your preferences to customize the Monster. Start the trial with GO, START GAME and CONTINUE. Drive your Monster Truck using the ARROW keys on the keyboard: UP ARROW = ACCELERATE, DOWN ARROW = BACKWARD, RIGHT ARROW = Raise the REAR wheels of the bike, LEFT ARROW = Raise the FRONT wheels. JUMP with the SPACE key and activate the Nitro with the X LETTER on the keyboard.

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